Talking Like You Know It


For a video of all fishing saying you can watch this

Fly-fishing is just like college football, only 22 of the 25,000 people at the game are actually good at playing. Everyone else is just there for a good time. In order to be a part of that good time, you are going to have to know what you’re talking about. I’ll teach you the basic fly-fishing sayings that’ll make it seem like you know what you’re talking about. So when your father-in-law finally invites you to go fishing with the boys, you won’t seem like a complete fool.

“Oh, what!? Did ya see that hog? It was at least an 18in brown. It must have been feeding” – When the fish are feeding they tend to be moving around a lot so it will explain why the fish isnt there when people look. 18 inches is also the size of fish on the Owyhee that classified as a trophy fish.

“I heard the hatch is pretty good around this time of the year.” – There is always some type of hatch happening, so no matter when you say it you’re not wrong.

“Have you seen Orvis’ new reels? Super sleek.” – Orvis is the Gucci of the Owyhee, Its a very nice brand, sleek is the word flyfishers use to define something that is light but still very useful.

“Yeah, I am going to use a dropper today, I feel like they are going for the nymphs.” – as you’ll learn in other articles nymphs are a stage in the insect’s life cycle, fish bite your nymphs 9 times more then they will hit a dry fly. Saying this once again makes you not wrong no matter when you say it.

“Oh nice rod, is that a 6 weight?” – rods come in many different types of weights  knowing this  makes you seem knowledgeable.. ( it doesn’t have to be a 6 weight it could be 4,5,6 and 7 weight)

“I’ve been getting looks all day.” –  a look is when the fish swims up to the fly but then last second decides it isn’t hungry enough to eat that hook and swims away. Say this makes it seem like your skill is good but you’re just having an unlucky day.

“Whew! Another hog in there, hatch must be coming on.” – A secret to fishing every time you see a fish, call it a hog or say its huge. every time you see fish they are usually moving to higher water to feed so if you see one a hatch is most likely happening.

“The river was on yesterday, must just be a cold day in the water.” – when the water is cold fish tend to sit down and not feed as much, saying yesterday was on is like saying “Its not my skills that are the issue, the fish just aren’t eating. ” this is 12/10 times a lie but I promise you the people you’re with will totally buy it.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about buying a Yeti cooler. I think having a 110 would be perfect for a trip like this.” – Yeti’s are the worlds greatest coolers. “Keep your beer cold for 5 days with only 3 bags of ice, for the cheap price of $569.99.” Let’s be real no one is throwing around almost $600 for a cooler but you’ll definitely sound cool if your thinking of getting one.

“Just give it a mend and wait.”  – No matter how good you are your mend, will never be good enough.  If you feel like coaching the boys, just say this over and over.

“We have a scooper over here, I’ll hook him on the next rise!” – The biggest fish tend to swim to the surface of the water and suck down the fly rather than bite it, we call those scoopers. You may not even have a scooper taking looks but just saying this automatically makes your a pro.

“Seen any risers down there?” – Say this while heading to the riverbank

If you use these phrases, then you will definitely make it known you are an avid fisherman. The links below will provide more information on fishing and fishing sayings.




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